Abdulaziz F. Aljouf

CEO, PayTabs

Abdulaziz Al Jouf is a self-driven and passionate Entrepreneur, who is also the founder and CEO of PayTabs. His love for entrepreneurship and innovation stems from his childhood and university days where his studies mostly focused on technology and eCommerce. In addition to his love of entrepreneurship and innovation, Abdulaziz is committed to giving back to society through mentoring young and budding entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. According to Abdulaziz, the idea of developing a payment gateway came when he realized how difficult it was for MENA SME merchants to get a payment gateway. This in his view hindered the MENA market from reaching its full potential from an online payments and ecommerce perspective, so he proceeded to develop a simple and secure payment platform known today as “PayTabs”. PayTabs was under the wing of Saudi Aramco’s Entrepreneurship Venture “Wa’ed” when it first established after the idea caught the eye of top institutions in KSA. Since then, Abdulaziz and PayTabs gained multiple industry related awards and recognition in renowned magazines such as Entrepreneur and Forbes, and gained exposure in top media outlets such as CNN Arabic, and Sky Arabia.