Payment International Enterprise becomes principal licensee for Mastercard

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Payment International Enterprise (PIE) has announced that it has become a principal licensee for Mastercard. With this development, PIE has renewed its strategic commitment to providing innovative, reliable, and efficient financial products for its customers in the MENA region.

The company has been investing heavily in infrastructure development, thus making high-value commitments to the future and striving to provide its customers with end-to-end services as a single provider. One of the company’s major projects in 2016 was the launch of eGov kiosks and TAM-Dinar project for government institutions in Bahrain to facilitate ease of payments for government services. This successful project is one of many strategies PIE is undertaking to lead the way in moving towards a cashless society and innovating alternative payment options for a modern world.

Payment International Enterprise (PIE)  graduated was part of  the second cohort of the Cloud10 program and is one of the first and largest /fintech companies in Bahrain, licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain as a Payment Service Provider, Card Issuer and eWallet and eMoney Issuer. PIE founders are serial entrepreneurs in the MENA region since early 1900’s where they started and founded several trade, real state, pharmaceutical, financial service, and e-commerce establishments. PIE has a vast experience in distribution services and building new products and services to meet MENA region needs for innovative, reliable, and efficient financial products for the masses. Their mission is to enhance the financial inclusion by working with banks, Telco’s, and distribution networks to provide effective efficient financial services that enable customers to reduce their cash dependence.

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